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  These links are our favorite sites. If you have any good sites, e-mail them to us, and we will check them out. If they are interesting, we will put them on the site right here.

Amusing joke page. Check this site out if you get the chance. I mean, who doesn't want the chance to bash Bush? This site will make you laugh. The downside is, there are no dancing hamsters. The upside is, there are dancing cows... A great place to buy SCUBA gear and learn about SCUBA diving. Check this site out! Laugh your heart out at this site. If you want to listen or buy some of this great group's music, look no further than this site.

The House of Osh This is the homepage of one of our friends. His page bases everything on gods, and that he is the god of something. An interesting site, don't forget to check this out.

Steven Glow's homepage! This is the homepage for my friend Steven Glow. He just got started, so be sure to give him some exposure and suggestions!

Ruth's Homepage! Nutty, games, stories, poems. Come look and see. Sign the guestbook please! Thanks!

Big Dio! A personal site basically describing what he likes to do and what music he listens to. Come and check it out. No Ravens fans allowed! This site allows you to download a few games, including James' all time favorite: Realmz. Realmz is a medieval RPG, and is really fun. If you like games like this, or just want to check out a cool site, go to this site. We love this site! If you like to buy, sell, or even just look at some of the things people are auctioning off, then this is the place to go. This is the main site for SCUBA diving. You can't go wrong here. James recommends this site if you want to find out more info about SCUBA diving. This is one of our best friend's site, but he has created a new one. This is his old site.

His name is Danny, and Zelda is his game. Check this site out for jokes, games, and a mini quiz (Be sure to send him your character files. He needs them!). II) This is Danny's new site created on New Years Eve of 2000. Check his new site out (he needs the exposure). If you like to see cool stuff in a game, too lazy to beat a game normally, or already beat a game and would like to see extra stuff, this is the site to go to. It has cheats, reviews, release dates, and even your own free e-mail. Be sure to check this awesome site! This site has many online java games to suit your mood. No downloading required!

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