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So you think you can out-smart James?

Here is a problem I created myself:


What is the answer to the problems above if:
a is a positive, real number.

Here is a math problem taken straight from the Math Counts competition test of 2000:

29x + 31y = 1125

What is x+y where x and y are whole, positive, integers?
(this problem is solveable)

If you want to recreate what I went through, do this:
1.Use only a scientific calculator, pencil, and paper.
2. Time yourself for 5 minutes.
3. Use many good luck charms! I gave this problem to 5 math teachers, and only 1 was able to solve it, and even then it took him a day or two.

If you can solve this problem, or you have a problem of your own, e-mail me (James) at

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