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Hi. I'm Kerbob! (also known as James)
For those who don't know me, I'm an 12th grader at EO Smith. Everyone has hobbies, and so do I. Mainly, I like to go on the computer(obviously!), play violin and guitar, and play golf. I also love to play PS2 (especially Grand Theft Auto Vice City). My most recent hobby to pick up is SCUBA diving. If you know any good places in the Connecticut area to go SCUBA diving, please let me know.

My main e-mail address is kerbob55@netzero.com (it's a strange e-mail, but it works).

The whole story behind the e-mail is this: my favored screen name is kerbob, and my favorite number is 5. It sounds strange, but it works well and I like it.

Do you have hotmail? I do, and I would love to chat. My email is franciskerbob@hotmail.com, and I am always willing to chat. Please feel free to email me, and don't forget to sign that guestbook!

I'm manganese04 (also known as Jule)
Like James, I am an 12th grader at EO Smith. Although the majority of my life is dominated by school, I still enjoy playing the violin and messing around on the computer. At this point and time, I do not have an updated sight of my own, though I hope to eventually get another one started.

Other than that of computers, violin, and the oh so wonderful school, my hobbies include downhill skiing; shooting hoops; and my favorite, biking.

Although I do not do much (any) skateboarding anymore, I do recall this being a really cool site: www.skateboarding.com

As for my screen name, I thought it was time for a change. I had originally copied James with the name of kerbobles, but eventually realized it was time for a name of my own. I wasn't having any luck coming up with a name, until we studied the periodic table in chemistry. Ever scince that class, manganese has been my favorite element, so I just added my year of graduation onto that.

P.S. If you know of any good sites that portray my intrests, please e-mail me.

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